Update from Gyuto House Australia

Following successful completion of our ‘Echoes of Enlightenment’ Tour in late January, we escorted the group of monks safely home to Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala and held discussions with the Abbot, Vice-Abbot, elders and senior managers about future plans. All were very kind in extending heartfelt thanks for the consistency and integrity of support extended to the monastery by all at Gyuto House here in Australia together with the legions of volunteers around the country and supporters who have made it possible to build this extraordinary relationship throughout the past 21 years.
Sadly,and within the overall context of India’s generosity in giving refuge to the Tibetans, the task of creating an ongoing sustainable life in India remains problematic given the limitations of life as a refugee. So, we have committed to continuing our aim of helping this vitally important Buddhist monastery while at the same time, perhaps just as important in a different way, making the monks available to Australians who benefit from their presence, their wisdom and their kindness here. It is no exaggeration to say that many many thousands of people from the youngest to the oldest have been the recipients of the monks’ love, affection and care not to mention over a million schoolchildren in schools all over the country who have absorbed their gentle pastoral support. To say that they are something of a household name in this nation is to simply state the reality.
So,this year, 2015 we aim to bring a group of monks here in June through to early September primarily to meet commitments including the Happiness Conference in Sydney where the Dalai Lama will be; Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay, schools in South Australia and a program at the Brisbane Conservatorium. There will of course be many other engagements – invitations from as far apart as Tennant Creek, Gladstone and Cairns are under consideration thus we shall be busy as always.
Preparations are also well in hand for a major visit to take place throughout 2016 with some very exciting new work in the pipeline – more news of this later in the year!


For now, we are very pleased and quietly confident that a new CD and digital download
(see the Music Shop here onsite) just  launched will prove helpful for anyone of any age who needs to calm their mind and find rest. It is ‘SoundSleep’ a beautiful rendition of the Buddhist Pali refuge prayer chanted by the Gyuto Monks. Conceived after hearing the monks gently chanting these simple yet meaningful words to a small child, we were persuaded to record it for the benefit of other babies. It immediately became clear that anyone who is stressed, anxious or who has trouble sleeping might also find this useful.Back of back page


And here is a pair of photographs and a film of a young Gyuto Monk who joined the monastery at the age of 7 years old and who is now 17 years and taking on roles as a senior monk in the main temple. We are delighted to have watched his trajectory through the monastic curriculum. It is monks like Dakpa Tenzin who will keep this 600 year old tradition alive for the benefit of Tibetan Buddhism and future generations. On the site right here is a film about a day in the life of a monk which shows Dakpa as a very new young monk.088 - Version 210407115_802794076479521_6768650970231119806_n