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Update from Gyuto House Australia

The team here at GHA have had a few months break from touring – the first in many years of back to back tours – and are ready to begin the 2016 -2017 Beyond Karma Tour beginning in March  with the arrival of a new group of Gyuto Monks. We haven’t been idle though as we are also very excited to give birth to the production of a new CD also called Beyond Karma which is the result of some very beautiful recording sessions at the Gyuto Gompa in Rosebank, Northern NSW – a green and lush part of the Byron Bay hinterland replete with wallabies, koalas, echidnas and a host of different bird life. There is something about the peace and tranquillity of our acres of gardens full of flowering trees, azaleas, gardenias, jacarandas, jasmine etc etc that sets the atmosphere for a peaceful calming experience.outdoor1

Beyond Karma CD

Available March 2016

Here and on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Sounds True
The sound of the monks chanting in our modest gompa has been described as the ‘voice of the angels’ in that the aim in building the great cathedrals of the world was to capture the resonant ‘other’ sound that seems to come with the purity of the chanting. Whatever it is, the recordings have been described as equal to the best attainable in a studio or concert hall. We have composer, musician, recording technician and all round genius to thank in Kim Cunio who has brought to life this collaboration between the monks, himself and soprano Heather Lee in a spine tingling album of sacred music honouring many different belief systems. Beyond Karma is made available via US record label New Earth Records, the company responsible for the earlier recording of the Gyuto Monks ‘Pure Sounds’ album which was nominated for a Grammy in 2010. They have been the most efficient, effective and all in delightful business to work with and we are grateful to them for their integrity and lightness of heart in creating this opportunity to bring the album to the world.

Beyond Karma Tour

As always we continue to work in schools with the monks and we begin the monks’ first week in Australia with a week in Northfield Primary School, Adelaide – it’s a school with an emphasis on Peace and this year the monks will join the children in creating a peace sign using a drone! We’ll post the results !

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Easter we return to Dromana from Good Friday

March 25 – 31

Happy to be there at this time as we shall be presenting our first Beyond Karma Sacred Music Concert for the year. As mentioned in news of our new CD of the same name, the Gyuto Monks of Tibet with Kim Cunio and Heather Lee – all dedicated to the sacred in sound – come together in a mix that is simultaneously respectful and awesome, celebrating the seers, poets and composers of the past and present from Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
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The Happiness Conference/Wellness Expo

April 1 -3

Regular participants in this annual conference, once again the monks will chant and create a Mandala – this time celebrating a healthy mind and body as a means to enlightenment.

Bondi Beach Scout Hall, Wairoa Avenue

April 9 -21

Over 13 days, the Gyuto Monks of Tibet will offer a comprehensive daily program between 10am and 6pm plus some not to be missed evening events. The ‘Beyond Karma’ Sacred Music Concert on Friday, March 15 will bring together Kim and Heather again with the monks in an exquisite evening of sound from many culture.

A highlight is likely to be the special evening 3 part series  ‘The Dharma Challenge’. Many of us have attended, listened, read and otherwise shown interest in Tibetan Buddhist practice and teachings. As the Dalai Lama himself has often noted, nothing much changes as a result. These sessions will challenge us to act on some of the positive values we espouse, giving us the opportunity to shed habitual negative patterns and feel the difference. Working with Sonam Rigzin and the monks, there could be no better chance to jolt us out of our comfort zone ……..and while we hope for serious ongoing change, probably have a lot of fun trying!
Sunday afternoon of April 17th between 3 and 6pm, look out for the Lhaguk Tseguk ‘Spinning the Sheep’ ceremony. Here the chanting of the monks over hours as the sheep sculpture slowly turns moves us over the time to a realisation of what it means to feel protected, responsible and fearless.
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Bondi Beach Surf Club

April 21 -24

Over 3 days,the Gyuto Monks of Tibet will chant ritual prayers to honour HE Choden Rinpoche’s Relics Display.

Waterfront Pavilion, Hobart

April 25 – May 5

Always happy to return to Tasmania, the monks will once again bring their daily program to the public with many of the components detailed above. There is just a chance that we may be able to present our Sacred Music Concert with not just the monks, Kim and Heather but also a Tasmanian String Quartet. Watch this space for more details.

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