Bondi Beach Scout Hall, Wairoa Avenue April 9 -21

Over 13 days, the Gyuto Monks of Tibet will offer a comprehensive daily program between 10am and 6pm plus some not to be missed evening events. The ‘Beyond Karma’ Sacred Music Concert on Friday, March 15 will bring together Kim and Heather again with the monks in an exquisite evening of sound from many culture.

A highlight is likely to be the special evening 3 part series ‘The Dharma Challenge’. Many of us have attended, listened, read and otherwise shown interest in Tibetan Buddhist practice and teachings. As the Dalai Lama himself has often noted, nothing much changes as a result. These sessions will challenge us to act on some of the positive values we espouse, giving us the opportunity to shed habitual negative patterns and feel the difference. Working with Sonam Rigzin and the monks, there could be no better chance to jolt us out of our comfort zone ……..and while we hope for serious ongoing change, probably have a lot of fun trying!

Sunday afternoon of April 17th between 3 and 6pm, look out for the Lhaguk Tseguk ‘Spinning the Sheep’ ceremony. Here the chanting of the monks over hours as the sheep sculpture slowly turns moves us over the time to a realisation of what it means to feel protected, responsible and fearless.